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Our Team

Cassie Wilcox, Chloe Shields, and Sophie Fleming are Certified Practicing Speech Pathologists with Speech Pathology Australia. They share passions, philosophies and a love of connecting with others. Together this team holds experience across a range of areas of Speech Pathology.

Chloe Shields

Chloe has previously worked in Private Practice, Community Health, and Early Education settings. She is currently also working within a multidisciplinary Autism assessment team. Chloe has completed training in Key Word Sign, Cued Articulation, Hanen 'More than Words' and 'Learning Language and Loving It', Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), and Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD). Chloe is passionate about working in partnership with families and working with a child's strengths to achieve the best therapy outcomes.


Cassie Wilcox

Cassie is an experienced speech pathologist who has worked in both public and private settings and is currently part of a research team within La Trobe University. She engages fantastically with children and their families and has a thorough understanding and appreciation of early intervention for childhood speech and language development. Her extensive experience working with children and adolescents with developmental delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder and speech and language difficulties coupled with her experience working with adults with a range of presentations places Cassie in a great position to help those within the local community. Cassie is an advocate for Communication Partner Training to enrich the lives of people after a stroke, currently holds a position on the Aphasia Victoria professional committee and is passionate about raising awareness of aphasia.


Sophie Fleming

Sophie is a passionate speech pathologist with a keen interest in working with children with speech and language difficulties, stuttering, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has completed professional development training in Colourful Semantics and Key Word Sign. Sophie is dedicated to collaborating with families and children to achieve their therapy goals.

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